In  early  first  century,  Jain Saints  stepped in  south  India and  spread over  Andhra,  Karnataka,  Tamil Nadu  and  Kerala. Jain Saints  established  the  schools  all  most  all  over  Tamil Nadu  and  worked  hard  to  develop  the  culture,  civilization, architecture  and  language  along  with  Jainism.

Jain Saints  who  render  their  service  to  Tamil  language  and architecture  design  in  granite  stones  are  still  unforgettable and  appreciable,  invariably,  by  all  others also.  Many  monuments  and  temples  are under  archaeological  department.

Such  a  great  religion,  started  deteriorating  due  to intrusion,  inversion  and intervention  of  other  religions. Obviously,  it  is  regret  to  say  that  micro  minority  of remaining  Tamil Jains  are  living like  different  kettle  of fishes,  due  to  lack  of  capable  leadership  and  disunity  among us.

SRI ADHINATH SEVA TRUST is  an organization  to  serve  the  society, especially, the essentially  needy  people,  like  a  squirrel  helped in  Ramayana.

The Trust is formed on the basis of combined effort, which will be stronger than the individual. This trust submit the humble request to the people of our society, who are in comfortable living to embrace this service. Today, it may be a small seed by you, definitely, tomorrow it will be a banyan tree to the society with your join hands.