About the President, Sri Adinath Seva Trust

Sri. K.B.Appandarajan, the President of Sri Adinath Seva Trust is an exclusive devotee of Bhagavan Appandainathar at the Thirunarunkundram Jain Temple.

He has dedicated his time and energy for the development activities of the temple. One such is the construction of overhead tank at the temple premises. He, along with Mr.Kumar,Alagramam and Mr.Ramadas,Vandavasi had gone door to door canvasing and raising funds for the tank construction which was successfully completed and inaugurated on 31st Jan 1988 by Jinakanchi Madathipathis.

At present, Sri. K.B.Appandarajan with the help of other trustees of Sri Adinath Seva Trust is involved in the construction of a Guest House in Thirunarunkundram for the comfort of devotees visiting the sacred place.