Holy Places Yathra Plan

In this society, many people are living in average and below average status. Few percentages are with comfortable living. All have the ambition to worship Holy shatraas, in many states, like JARKANT, MADHYA PRADESH, GUJARATH, RAJASTHAN, UTHRA PRADESH, MAHARASTRA etc, with reasonable cost and reliable people. SRI ADHINATH SEVA TRUST is taking care of their interest and conducting tours. By these activities, both, society and the trust are synchronised together and create a way to fulfill many peoples dreams.

Pilgrimage Tour Details:

In order to have more coverage of pilgrimage centers, tourist spots with a reasonable comports in all matters, we are organizing tours having a traveling duration of 11 to 14 days inclusive of train journeys and the no. of participants restricted to 30 persons to the maximum extent.

We will organize in such a way to reach a common place by train and then by car or bus to travel round about 2500km & will come back to the starting place & back by train.

Till April 12 the following three tours have been conducted viz.

  • First tour: SIGARJI & 13 other places during 7-3-11 to 18-3-11
    No.of persons attended – 31
  • Second tour: Eastern part of Rajasthan, Jaipur & 39 other places during 18-9-11 to 4-10-11.
    No.of persons attended – 27
  • Third tour: Mukthagiri & 23 other places during 4-3-12 to 15-3-12.
    No.of persons attended – 27

Maharashtra North Tour Participants: