Guest House in Thirunarunkundram (Yatri Niwas)

THIRUNARUNKUNDRAM, Ulundoorpet taluk, Villupuram dist., is one of the distinguished PARSVANATH JINALYAM called APPANDANATHER JINALAYAM in Tamil Nadu, having 90% Tamil Jain devotes. To know more, read the History of Thirunarunkundram.

As the first preference of this scheme 25 cents land has been purchased and installed 250 ft, BORE WELL. Construction of building, Yatri Niwas has been started and it is now up to the lintel level. To know of construction updates visit, The progress of Yatri Niwas building construction with pictures.


ONCE is a historical and renown temple may be constructed in 7th century by CHOLA DYNASTY. Here Jain Saints established a school, called PALLI , and exalted to serve Tamil language.

TODAY 90 % OF Tamil Jains reverence this temple.

ALWAYS This temple Moolavar APPANDAINATHER is blessing not only to us but also our generation. Plenty of Tamil jains are also keeping “ NARKATCHI NONBU “ in the month of Feb first sunday of every year and themselves consecrate.

HERE People coming for adoration, coming for shaven head and ear ring function, come for Ghiri Valam, come for BHIRAMMOTSHAVAM, come for New Year, come for Narkaatchi. Like thousands of people gathering during the year and illustrious this place.

TO THOSE There is no any facilities for preparation to worship, comfortable repose, confide safety, and delicious food, for which this TRUST plans to set up a Guest House.

FOR THIS We need your cordial co operation, congenial assistance and liberal donations.

BY THIS The Pilgrimage come here will be getting more enticement and pleasure.


If you are wealthy , donate liberally.

If you are healthy , donate your energy.

If you are lack of both , donate your blessing.

Give all your hands to construct the Guest House for us.